Vacuum Packaging Guidelines

Vacuum Packaging Guidelines when using
the Weston Pro-2100/2300 Vacuum Sealer Machines

Very Moist Foods:
It is best to freeze very moist food items, like fish, before vacuum
sealing them. The excessive moisture can interfere with the Sealing Bar’s ability to
completely weld the layers of the bag material together.
Powdery Items: When vacuum sealing powdery items, like flour, it is best to keep
them in their original packaging before putting them into the vacuum bags. The fine
powder may get sucked into the 2-Piston Vacuum Pump and cause enough damage
to shorten the life of your Vacuum Sealer. Powdery items may also interfere with the
bag sealing function.
Sharp or Pointed Items: When vacuum sealing sharp or pointy items, it is best to
cushion the edges so they do not puncture the bag during the vacuum process.
For best results in extending the life of foods, it is important to vacuum package foods
that are fresh. Once food has begun to deteriorate, vacuum packaging may only slow
the deterioration process. Vacuum sealing cannot completely prevent the growth of
mold. Other disease causing microorganisms can still grow in low oxygen environments
and may require further measures to be eliminated.
Yeast: The development of yeast can be slowed by refrigeration and completely
stopped by freezing food at 0of (-18oC). Yeast causes fermentation, which will give food
an identifiable smell.
Bacteria: Freezing cannot eliminate bacteria, but their growth can be stopped. The
growth of bacteria can be easily identified by an offensive odor and sometimes a slimy
texture. Some bacteria, like the one that causes botulism, can grow in low oxygen
environments and cannot be detected by smell, taste or color. Botulism is very rare, but
dangerous. Be sure that all foods are stored and cooked properly before eating.
COOKING & HEATING:  Before micro waving vacuum-packed foods, puncture or open the
bag to allow hot air
to escape while heating.
. Vacuum-packed foods can be thawed or cooked in boiling water.
. Vacuum-packed perishable foods like meats, vegetables and cheeses must
be refrigerated (at or below 340F (1.1oC)) or frozen, especially acid-free or low-acid foods.
This is important because although vacuum packaging removes most air from
the bag, bacteria like Clostridium Botulinum, which produces a toxin that causes
the illness botulism, is anaerobic and grows in the absence of oxygen. Refrigeration
and freezing slow the growth of bacteria. It is also important to maintain a clean
working area to reduce the likelihood of packaging harmful bacteria with the food.

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