Dave; Just a note to tell you I
received the Pro 2100
vacuum sealer. I have owned
Foodsaver,, and a
Vacumaster ARY 5.
The seal on this PRO 2100 is
the best on a home sealer
I've ever seen. It is also the
easiest to use .
All I want it to do is keep
doing what I've experienced.
It's is exactly what you
advertised, and thank you.
Darrell McMahan
Customer testimonial  
I have been looking online for MONTHS for just the
machine you offer.
The videos on your site are DYNAMITE!, and were
extremely helpful in making the decision.
There are a lot of people out there that want more
than a Food Saver….I am a caterer who makes
his own Gravlax and I will save big with the unit.
There are always other things we prepare that
help to make margins better if you can keep them for
a while. Regards Cisco Machada

Here I my thoughts on the PRO-2300:

I purchased the Pro-2300 vacuum sealer. The unit is
constructed with solid materials, not the cheap plastic
found in the sealers I’ve owned in the past. The
operation of the sealer is extremely easy, in fact, my
eleven year old son took over the sealing after
watching me a few times. Last weekend we sealed 15
bags of bluegill fillets (good weekend on the lake) with
no problems whatsoever!
If you own one of the “cheaper” plastic models, and
switch over to the Pro-2300 you won’t believe the
difference. No more problems trying to get a good seal.
I would have to call it a night versus day comparison. I
highly recommend the Pro-2300.

Mike Russell

P.S. – Threw the old sealer in the garbage after using
this one.
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Dave, I used the Pro-2300 machine this
weekend for the first time, and it is AWESOME!  
WOW!  What a seal! The people who WERE
doing my sausage couldn't get that kind of seal
with their big chamber machine, nor could they
extract the air in a consistent manner....each
and every bag that I vacuumed sealed all look
the same, and there isn't any air in them at all!
Thanks for a great product! Sam.
The Pro-2300 worked great.  We
used it to seal our farm raised
chicken meat.  The machine is very
easy to use, pulls a very strong
vacuum, and seals quickly for a
professional looking package.

Dave here is what I think of the  PRO-2300,
First thought when I first opened package was how
well this was built. This is  no toy but a serious
vacuum sealer.
I owned a game saver from food saver, they are
both vacuum sealers, but that is where the  
comparison stops.

The PRO-2300 is very professionally built and very
attractive. It is very easy to use, and vacuums and
seals with little effort compared to my food saver.
Also creates a wider seal which I really like. If you
plan on doing any amount of vacuum sealing the
PRO-2300 is well worth it.

                                      S Elgert
When I asked the user of this
sealer, these were her comments:

“Works great!! It works when we
need it to.  The replacement parts
were easy to get when we need


Shannon   Wholesale customer
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