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Q Will your Pro-2100 or Pro-2300 models seal Commercial Vacuum bags or Foil Mylar type bags ?

A.  NO ! There is NO way to evacuate the air you must use Weston Brand bags & Rolls which we sell or
Foodsaver rolls (Which cost more )
This answer is the same for all "Foodsaver" Type machines or "Clamp
style vacuum sealers . The machines for this we sell are
Chamber Vacuum Sealer Machines or the
SINBO vacuum sealer machine

Q. Do you have an instruction video ?
YES go to   http://www.vackpak.com/videopro2300sealfoodsaver.html     to watch video

We are constantly updating this page as we get new questions from customers and obtain updated information from the
manufacturers of the vacuum sealer and the vacuum sealer bags.

Q. What are the major differences between your vacuum sealer and those available at the major discount

A. Our unit is constructed of the finest quality stainless steel, making it heavier than the less expensive plastic and metal
units sold by the leading discount stores. It weighs a healthy 28 lbs. Unlike the discount store models, our unit requires
no cool down period between bags, has a automatic sealing switch or a manual switch that allows you to select  for a
better seal,  It is a commercial unit so it can be repaired if necessary. The cheap discount store models cannot be
repaired if they break or malfunction. It also has a twin pump and larger
( 935 watt ) transformer bigger than any other

Q. What happens if I receive my vacuum sealer and I don’t like it? Do you have a return policy?

A. Yes, we want you to be 100% satisfied. The unit carries a one year Factory warranty. Please contact  factory's FREE
800 Phone number in your Operating Manual
that came with the machine complete instructions. Return Policy
check your manual for instructions. MAKE SURE YOU SEND IN YOUR WARRANTY CARD WITH A COPY OF

Q. If my vacuum sealer stops working; can I get it repaired locally? Do you have a list of repair shops?

A. In the unlikely event you encounter problems with your vacuum sealer and are unable to remedy them by consulting
the owner’s manual, please contact the factory
800 number .  We will assist you any way possible to ensure your
machine starts working properly again. At the present time we do not have a list of repair shops. It is better to return it to
the Factory for repair. (If it is under the one year warranty period ) the Factory will advise you call the
number in your

Q. Do you sell replacement parts should I need to make repairs to my vacuum sealer?

A. Yes the Factory in the USA maintains an inventory of parts contact them again from the number in your manual or for
simple repair kits ( Heating Elements & Teflon Strips ) go to
REPAIR KITS  or Pro-2100/2300 Parts Price List
Schematic Drawing
of Pro-2100/2300 Vacuum Sealers

Q. How heavy is your vacuum sealer?

A. It weights a healthy 28 lbs. This is due to it being a commercial-grade machine made from high quality stainless
steel for durability.

Q. Does your vacuum sealer come with an instruction book? Also Check this Handy Chart Shelf Life

A. Yes, you’ll receive a simple, easy-to-read  instruction book. You see, the vacuum sealer is so simple and easy to
use, there is no need for the typical 75 page book you typically receive with your new cell phone.

Q. Does the vacuum sealer come with its own carrying case?

A. No, since most sealers are opened and immediately placed on the kitchen counter where they remain for many years.
On the other hand, the sealer is light enough to be carried outside should you wish to use it in locations other than your
own kitchen. Some customers transport their sealers to the homes of family and friends for sealing parties after a day of
cooking or baking.
We DO Have Dust Covers for the Pro-2100/2300 machines plus they fit other vacuum sealers

Q. Are there parts of the vacuum sealer that get hot and could burn me?

A. While the sealer has been designed for hands-off use during sealing, the sealing strip does get hot enough to fuse
the plastic bags for an air-tight seal. While this strip is hot during use, it is very unlikely you would ever touch it during
use. We have never had a report of a customer suffering a burn while using the sealer. Millions of sealers have been
sold all over the world and burns are simply not an issue.

Q. Can I use my vacuum sealer to seal soft foods like tomatoes, cooked broccoli and similar soft foods?

A. Yes. The commercial grade machine  manual pump override, allowing you complete control over the amount of air
removed from the bag prior to sealing. You simply select the
“manual” and press  button once you’ve removed the
desired amount of air before sealing. This prevents the machine, operating on automatic mode, from removing too much
air prior to sealing the bag.

Q. How long is the cord on your vacuum sealer?

A. It comes with a heavy-duty cord that is 5.5 feet in length. This enables you to place your machine in almost any
location in your kitchen without having to use an extension cord which I don’t recommend doing. This longer cord also
makes it convenient to use your sealer outside or in the garage should wish to do so.

Q. Can I use my sealer outside?

A. Yes, it is safe to use outside. The heavy-duty cord had a grounded three-prong plug on the end for complete safety.

Q. Can I use my vacuum sealer for things other than food items?

A. While the vacuum sealer was originally designed for food, it can be used to vacuum seal non-food items. Some
customers use it for their hobby, like sealing coins and stamps. Others use it to store winter sweaters during the summer
months. You might find several other uses for your vacuum sealer.

Q. What is the maximum size of an item to be sealed and stored?

A. You are limited to a bag that measures 15” across the top ( Opening ) as this is the maximum sealing width of the
machine. This should cover almost any item you wish to seal with your machine.
( The actual size of the machine is 19" wide x 12.3 " deep x 6" high )

Q. Can I clean my vacuum sealer in the dishwasher?

A. No, your vacuum sealer should never be placed inside a dishwasher for cleaning. It contains a built-in computer and
LED screen which should not be exposed to water. To clean it, simply unplug your sealer and wipe it with a damp cloth.
Other than some occasional dust, your machine should not get dirty during use.

Q. In an emergency, can I use the discount store bags that come in a roll for my vacuum sealer ? Or I have
some Foodsaver rolls left over I realise they cost more but I would like to use them up ?

A. Unless you purchase your bags from us, you should always test a bag or two before buying a large roll of them at a
discount store. Like many things, bags come in all sizes shapes, thicknesses and quality. Buying your
Vacmesh TM
from us ensures not only getting top quality bags that work with our vacuum sealer, but you save 40% or more on
our bags & rolls .Also see
Video Clip Sealing Foodsaver rolls with the Pro-2300
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