dust cover for Pro-2300 or CG-15 vacuum sealer
935 Watts of Power PLUS Some other  
improvements on our vacuum bag sealers
Rear Cord Storage-Small Bumper on lid to stop lid
hitting when fully open- Lock-Tite on all
screws-Sealed Power switch-Fan guard smaller
holes to prevent fingers or other objects coming
in contact with fan blades. Rounded drip tray on
bottom easier to clean out.
IMPORTANT These vacuum sealers will not
work with "commercial" vacuum chamber
bags or "Mylar" you should use
OUR Vacuum Sealer Bags and Rolls
foodsaver rolls
foodsaver bags
vacuum sealer bags
Vacuum sealer Bags & rolls for Foodsaver &
Pro-2100/2300 FREE SHIPPING Smaller
Quantities same day shipping in most cases by
Priority Mail 2-3 Days
Weston pro-2300 vacuum sealer
Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer showing rear cord storage

Specifications on Weston Pro-2300/2100 Vacuum Sealers

1. 935 watts of power ( Not 715 watts as some websites say this is a mistake ) vs: less than 450 watts on
the "Foodsaver " Models" This means the machine will seal more bags without over-heating the sealing
element, up to 100 bags per day. ( This alone is worth over $50.00 )        

2. A
softer gasket around the sealing chamber so it takes less pressure (pushing down) to start the  
sealing process   

3.The pro 2100/2300 vacuum sealer units have a
rubber coated power switch to help keep you safe.

4. We offer a choice of finishes, the
Pro-2100 vacuum sealer is white powder-coated, and the Pro-2300
vacuum sealer
is stainless steel.

5.   Easy Clean Rounded Edge on bottom of  tray where any fluid may collect. ( No chance of germs )

 Convenient  EXTERIOR CORD STORAGE  at rear of the vacuum sealer machine

For Commercial or Household use, these high powered, award winning design vacuum sealers get the job
done with ease! Simple to use, with results that are comparable to a professional commercial unit costing
Perfect for protecting domestic meats, game, fish, vegetables or your personal possessions from the
harmful effects that oxygen or freezer burn may cause .
Uses a
double piston pump system insures an “Air Tight Seal.” Capable of 28 1/2- inches HG of vacuum
that will keep food fresh 5 to 6 times longer than traditional storage methods. Capable of sealing bags
up to
15 inches wide, this sealer is the largest in the industry, making any big job a breeze! Using the finest
materials, and industrial construction, this machine is designed for a lifetime of use and durability
We guarantee it!

Using a patent pending transparent “sealing window” allows you to view the power of the vacuum removing
the air from the vacuum bag, as well as helping you guide the bag into the air channel for accurate sealing.

The bright
LED lights let you monitor the stage of the sealing process at all times. Choose either Automatic
or Manual mode on the Vacuum Sealer. If you choose the
Automatic Mode, the on-board computer will
sense the optimal time to change from Vacuuming to Sealing.

If you choose the
Manual Mode, you can custom control the amount of air removed with the simple touch of a
button. This function is most suitable for vacuuming soft foods, photos, valuables or delicate objects.
Dave; Just a note to tell you I received
the Pro 2100. I have owned
Foodsaver, top of the line, and a
Vacumaster ARY 5.
The seal on this PRO 2100 is the best
on a home sealer I've ever seen. It is
also the easiest to use .
All I want it to do is keep doing what
I've experienced. It's is exactly what
you advertised, and thank you.
Darrell McMahan
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7-10  working Days
MSR $469.99
PRO-2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum sealer
IN STOCK Your Price $374.00
Machines carry a  factory one year warranty see warranty details. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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Other uses for your Weston Vacuum sealer

Vacuum Seal Pet Food – this works well for portion control for your pet. Regardless
of who is feeding them they’ll always get the proper amount. This also helps keep the
food fresh, and keeps the ants out.  
Pre-packed portioned food is easier to take camping than a big bag of food.  
Vacuum Seal Portion Control – Control impulse eating by portioning out items into
smaller suggested serving sizes.
Camping & Backpacking – Vacuum Seal Keep your clothes dry and conserve space
in your back pack. Diapers ? Take less space.
Vacuum seal Fire starter kit — always have dry matches handy

Vacuum Seal.
Emergency Medical Kits Keep them dry

Vacuum seal Valuables Coins Etc. Vacuum pack to stop oxidization and discoloring

Vacuum seal Clothing - Bedding. Vacuum pack when shipping or storing to take up
less room
Shipping Stuffed Toys for presents
And you thought vacuum sealers were JUST for packaging Food !!!!
Pro-2100 Vacuum sealer MSR $449.00
Kitchen White (
Same inside as Pro-2300 )
IN STOCK Your Price $389.99
Pro-2100 vacuum sealer Rear View
with Cord Storage
foodsaver bags
vacuum sealer bags
Meats last up to 4 Times as long
non-frozen in the refridegerator
when Vacuum Sealed
Buy with confidence.   See customer testimonials.    
Full one year factory warranty  ALL SPARE PARTS IN STOCK.
Do They Work with Foodsaver Rolls ? YES They Do.
NEW ! SAVE $15.00 TWO Repair Kits # RKW-2 For Pro-2100 & 2300
Vacuum Sealers including 4 Teflons (upper & lower ) & 2 Wire Heat
Sealing Elements
OR Complete Kit including 2 Seals save UP TO $15.00
IN STOCK $34.95 & $39.95    
Rubber seal for Pro-2300 vacuum sealer
Vackpak Products Selling bag sealers Since 1979
BAGS AND ROLLS FOR FOODSAVER TM Weston Pro-2300 Vacuum sealers $399.99 Free Shipping
Weston Pro-2300 Vacuum sealers- vacuum sealer bags- vacuum sealer rolls-vacuum sealers
Foodsaver rolls & bags.
foodsaver rolls
Weston Brand Quality Vacuum Sealers- 15" WIDE SEAL ! The Choice of Sportsmen - Restaurants - Deli's -
Home Use - Rugged Stainless Steel Great for Game - Fowl - Meats - Fish - Industrial Use - Valuables -
Electronics - Stop Corrosion.
No Finer quality made for the price.
This unit will outlast 2 - 3 Foodsaver machines, it is built to commercial specifications.
If you wish you can seal
Two x 8" x 12" Vacuum bags
at one time
(CONT.USA lower 48 )